The Diversity Network

The Diversity Network

Why Diversity & Inclusion are so Important

In a diverse and multi-cultural society, a pro-active approach to encouraging and including employees of different genders, races, ages, disabilities, sexual orientations, religions, backgrounds, neurodiversity types and thinking styles is clearly the right thing to do.  But, as well as there undoubtedly being a moral argument, at Arbre we believe passionately in diversity as a solution to many of the major business issues facing organisations today.  This is why in 2018 Arbre’s founder, Kate Wright, established The Diversity Network (TDN), with with local business woman, Sam Duffy.

TDN is a business networking group with a not for profit ethos, and a specialist Diversity & Inclusion consultancy and learning and development provider.  Through TDN, Kate and Sam aim to actively facilitate change and progress diversity and inclusion across the local business community and beyond.   The group aims high and sees no reason why a dynamic island like Jersey can not lead the way in innovative diversity and inclusion practices that make a real difference to both the local workforce and business performance.

You can find out more about The Diversity Network here.

With so many organisations in recent years embracing diversity and inclusion as a business management tool , there is plenty of evidence (see McKinsey’s comprehensive 2015 study: Why Diversity Matters ) to demonstrate that an effective Diversity Strategy will improve business performance and results.

How do I know that my business needs help?

  1. Employees are leaving and you’re not really sure why.
  2. You are struggling to attract talent to your business.
  3. You are struggling to move fast enough in a crowded market to win new business.
  4. Management are dealing with a high number of employee relations issues and/or employee morale is low.
  5. You are not confident in the management team’s ability to make the best decisions.
  6. You want to increase the diversity of your leadership team.
  7. You want to be seen as business leaders in diversity and inclusion.

If any of the above applies to your business, Arbre’s diversity consultancy practice, TDN, may be able to work with you to provide just the business solution you are looking for.  We can help you to develop an approach to diversity and inclusion specifically tailored to your business that will really make a difference, including putting in place an effective diversity and inclusion strategy and providing a range of learning and development solutions from guidance to training and coaching for all levels of the business.

How Diversity & Inclusion Will Drive Business Performance

Finding and keeping the best people. It’s not an exaggeration to suggest that in a fiercely competitive recruitment market, businesses will need to access new pools of talent, and think creatively about how they do this, in to order attract the best people. And the same goes for retaining them. Employees are much more likely to stay with an organisation if they feel valued and respected, that they are contributing meaningfully to the organisation’s success and that they are being well recognised for this.

– Competitive Edge. A diverse workforce leads to a far better understanding of and access to new markets. You will build stronger relationships with your clients, spot new opportunities and adapt to changes in the business environment much more quickly.

– Innovation. A diverse workforce that is enabled to think creatively and contribute actively to problem solving, relationship management, production and sales will reduce the limitations of ‘Group Think’ and create a more agile, innovative and commercially successful business.

– Collaborative Team-Working and Better Decision-Making. Inclusive teams that are able to harness a diverse range of skills, experiences, outlooks and thinking styles will overcome obstacles and achieve common business goals far more quickly and effectively than homogeneous teams.

At Arbre, we don’t believe in simply ticking boxes.  We believe every one of our clients and associates can be thought leaders in Diversity and Inclusion, actively making a difference to all of their employees, the success of their business and their wider business community.

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