Performance Coaching

Performance Coaching

What is Coaching and How Can it Help You?

All of us at points in our life will have a goal or ambition that we’d like to achieve or a realisation that we need to make a change in our life in order to improve it.  This may be personal or professional, but whatever it is we may also realise that we need some support to help us get there.  Coaching can provide that support and enable you to achieve your goals more quickly.

Coaching as a professional practice has evolved in response to the need for people to talk through the issues and challenges they face and their journey to achieve their goals.  It is different to advising, therapy or counselling as it is very much about looking and moving forward – helping you to identify exactly what it is you want to achieve and understand how you’re going to get there.  A good coach can help you find the motivation and inspiration that you are looking for.

Examples of the kind of projects or circumstances that a coach can help you with professionally include  leadership and management development, setting up/growing a business, role changes, managing your time, reducing stress and improving/managing a professional relationship.

With over 20 years’ experience in Human Resources and Learning and Development, both as an in-house practitioner and as a business consultant, Kate Wright has extensive experience in coaching corporate managers, leaders and entrepreneurs.

Performance Coaching

Performance coaching aims to help individuals unlock and fulfil their potential in order to maximise their own performance.  As a coach, I have seen performance coaching make a huge difference to individuals at all levels within the business struggling in their role, adapting to promotion or a role change and to employees identified as high performers wanting to maximise their delivery.  It can also be a very effective tool to support new recruits settle into a business, employees returning to work following a period of parental leave or sick leave, and employees new to management.

Coaching is a valuable every-day people management technique for line managers, which is why businesses are increasingly opting to train their people managers in coaching skills.

Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching can be of benefit to anyone responsible for a group of people.  This doesn’t just apply to Executives.  ‘Leadership’ of people is also very much a part of the role of supervisors, team leaders, managers and small business owners.  Although there are similarities in approach, the difference between Performance and Leadership coaching is in its focus.  Performance coaching very much centres on the specific needs and goals of an individual.  These might well be work related, but the coaching is driven by the individual’s goals.  Leadership coaching, on the other hand, focuses on helping leaders to achieve organisational goals.  As such, the objectives of the coaching are driven by both business and individual needs.

Small Business Coaching

Small business coaching is performance coaching specifically tailored to provide development support to small business owners and entrepreneurs – both at the concept stage (eg defining business goals, developing marketing strategies, writing a business plan) and in helping them to overcome challenges, grow or re-structure.  It may also involve some leadership coaching.

Combined Coaching & Training Programmes

Research suggests that coaching is one of the most effective methods of skills development, especially when some of the barriers to moving forwards may be deeply personal and unique to the individual.  However, that is not to say that there is not an important place for more traditional training methods too.

In addition to pure coaching programmes, Arbre provides several personal development programmes that use a combination of coaching and high quality training content to ensure a much more effective developmental experience for the individual.

Courses can be co-developed with individuals and organisations to meet a specific training need, but we also offer tried and tested ‘off-the-shelf’ programmes that use coaching to ensure that the content is entirely tailored to meet the needs of individuals.    Our courses include a variety of management and leadership training, performance management and managing your time effectively.  We are particularly excited about the success of our most recent addition: Public Speaking with Confidence Programme

Through The Diversity Network, Kate Wright has also successfully used the combined coaching and training approach to design and deliver a highly effective development programme for working women: Her Talent

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