Hitting the headlines….

Hitting the headlines….

Make sure your business is hitting the headlines for the right reasons!

With so many high profile employment related issues hitting the headlines in 2017 – #MeToo related harassment claims, the employment status of workers in the Gig economy and years of back-dated holiday pay being just a few of the high profile issues potentially effecting many businesses – employers are likely to see an even bigger spotlight shone on their employment practices and strategies in 2018.  This along with the looming GDPR deadline in the UK, new Disability Discrimination legislation in Jersey and the Brexit juggernaut hanging over us all, many business leaders may feel that burying their heads in the sand is the only way to cope with it all…

The good news is that this really doesn’t need to be a head ache for any business.  And at Arbre, rather than simply approach it as a risk management exercise, we view these issues as a positive opportunity for business to establish good employment practice as a means to grow and sustain a successful business.  It’s actually quite exciting!

– Are you confident that your HR policies and procedures are compliant with employment law?  

– Do you have an Employee Handbook in place that is both practical and attractive to current and prospective employees? 

– Are you satisfied that your employment practices are helping you to attract and retain the best people?

If you answer ‘no’ to any of these, then seeking professional help to give you peace of mind should be a business priority in 2018 – whatever the size of your business.

At Arbre, we will work closely with you to provide tailored and affordable HR advice and solutions that will directly support your business strategies.  Do contact us now for your free consultation at kate@arbre.je


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