It’s not just about the money…. Tips for motivating your employees

It’s not just about the money…. Tips for motivating your employees

Undoubtedly money is important – most of us can’t afford to give our time for free and all of us want to feel that we are being fairly paid for our efforts.  However, few people are soley motivated by their salary, and businesses can benefit from being be a little more innovative in the way that they reward and motivate good people.  Here are some quick win suggestions:

  • Everyone’s different… and taking the time to understand what motivates each of your employees, and tailoring how you reward them, can make a real difference to how people feel about their work. For example, for some the opportunity to take on more responsibility or new tasks is very motivating, whereas others really appreciate working hours that enable them to have a better work life balance.
  • Be creative and different to other employers Widening the non-financial benefits available to employees can be a cost effective way to attract and motivate people, eg providing an extra day’s holiday as a ‘thank you’ for hard work, offering greater work place flexibility, allowing people a paid day or two off a year to do voluntary/charity work.  Why not encourage innovation and ‘thinking time’ by installing a creative space with bean bags, inspiring art work and books?
  • Abandon the stick… the carrot works best! That’s not to say you shouldn’t give constructive feedback when something goes wrong, but do remember to give praise where praise is due (even if it is for a seemingly small action).  The positive effects on morale are obvious, but it in HR terms you are actively managing performance too by reinforcing and encouraging people to behave in a way that benefits the business or espouses your company values.  Don’t forget that feedback works both ways – invite it.
  • Wellbeing is important both for the health of individual employees and the business itself (think of time and money lost through sickness absence). Create an environment which genuinely values and encourages employee well-being through – 1) promoting health and wellbeing (explore business discounts with local gyms or how about bringing in a Yoga teacher one lunch time a week for any interested staff?), 2) tackling the causes of stress and mental health issues in the work place, and 3) actively supporting employees back to work when they have had to take time off sick.
  • Honesty is the best policy… and will mean your employees are more likely to rally rather than walk if faced with difficult news or changes to the business. Be as open as you can be about challenges posed to the business – treat employees as the capable adults they are. Invite employees’ ideas too – you may well receive some valuable new insight and people will feel involved and responsible.  Be openly enthusiastic and positive about your business and its potential going forward – inspire, excite and take people with you.
  • Have some fun… celebrate success, and make work somewhere your employees really like to be. From team lunches to team-building away days and sponsored charity events there’s lots you can do.  But do make sure your idea of ‘fun’ matches those of your employees…


Every business and every individual is unique.  At Arbre we like to think outside of the box to help our clients find the best and most cost effective HR solutions for them.  Contact: to find out more about how we can help you and to arrange a free consultation meeting.

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